Sports that is suitable for all ages

Sports that is suitable for all ages

There are many types of sports currently played. But there are only a few sports that are suitable for people of all ages But must depend on each person’s physical condition as well Because people, even though the age is the same, but the strength of the body is different Especially those with underlying diseases, if still unsure, consult a doctor before playing And for sports in which all ages can choose to play, such as

  1. Cycling Is a sport that allows you to exercise in every proportion of your body But cycling is also divided into several categories depending on the type of bike used. Therefore, should choose to suit ourselves and the body of the body as well.

2. Swimming is another type of sport that you can exercise at any proportion as well. And can play together at any age But may require skill and practice in playing For anyone who does not have first swimming skills before playing, you should be trained first. Because it is a sport that is quite risky for people who are still not swimming

  1. Running for running sports is a top sport. That many people even want to play sports or exercise Because it can be easily played and does not require much equipment Importantly, there are places that can be used to run more than other types of sports.
  2. Walking fast. We may not be able to see how fast the competition is. But it has been held in some competing programs Although not entering the big sporting event Many items Brisk walking is another sport that is really suitable for all ages.

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